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Police ‘steals’ Yolanda relief goods during raid

The Philippines CIDG or Criminal Investigation and Detection Group raided Bodog offices in Manila last week for allegation of “running a numbers game to residents of the Philippines,” something that violates the Intellectual Property Licensing company’s role in the country. But the police didn’t just take computers, servers, phones,  laptops and monitors, they also “stole thousands of dollars worth of Hurricane Yolanda relief aid” reported.

One employee of Bodog Nation in Makati who was present during the raid said that the number of “stolen” relief goods were in tens of thousands. “The sack of rice was more than 50, bottled water in liters are in thousands, sardines are in thousands, when i was packing estimated 2k packed and i think it would reach 5k and that is just the time i was packing, which is for about 4 hrs,” the employee told talk.PH and requested to be hidden under the name “Kuya” for his security.

Bodog Raided Office Police steals Yolanda relief goods during raid

Bodog’s raided office c/o Gambing911

Bodog has been doing their part in helping the victims of Yolanda. They have shared pictures of their employees preparing relief goods via their Facebook page:

Bodog Nation Yolanda Relief 3 Police steals Yolanda relief goods during raid

Bodog Nation Yolanda Relief 2 Police steals Yolanda relief goods during raid

Bodog Nation Yolanda Relief 1 Police steals Yolanda relief goods during raid

One Bodog employee claimed via Gambling911 that the police even ate their food while the raid was on going.

“Our managers ordered food for the staff, the police kept trying to eat it when we were not looking. It was clear that they were getting restless and hungry while keeping all of us locked down. When we realized they were stealing our pizza, we moved it so they could not find it in order to insure other employees were able to eat. We had no idea how long they were going to keep us there and were threatening us with being held for 36 hours. As soon as the pizza was gone, they started eating the food we had stocked up over the past week from our Hurricane Yolanda disaster relief. They did not eat that much food at our office but I just thought this was rude, then I found out they actually took all of the aid we worked so hard at collecting after the raid. ALL OF IT! I understand you want to take the computers but why steal something earmarked for the poor Filipinos suffering in Tacloban. Shameful,” one Bodog Nation employee who refused to be named told

Kuya also told talk.PH that at least one of the members of the raiding team was very unprofessional. “Yes sya ang bully at may physical contact on one of the employee, nang bubulas kung baga. No mention of name alam naman natin ang kurakot na sistema at mas criminal pa sila sa criminal. Kapal pa ng muka noon, kung maka utos mag pa timpla ng kape talo pa ang boss namin, sa mantalang culture sa amin is kahit may maintainance ng pantry kmi timpla kape namin,” he narrated.

The said officer allegedly almost destroyed the door on one of Bodog’s rooms. “Muntik pa noon sirain ang pinto using fire extinguisher, pinigilan sya (one of the employees) sabi ng may hawak ng access all u have to do is ask to open so they opened (the door),” Kuya told talk.PH

Around 500 computers were taken by the CIDG from the 5-hour raid, the report said. We’re still finding the exact items and the amount of Yolanda relief goods that were “stolen.”

Section 2 (Documents to be Submitted) entry H of Philippine National Police Operational Procedures states that “the investigator shall ensure that, as far as practicable, the following documents shall be presented during the inquest proceedings: h. Violation of Illegal Gambling Law 1) Gambling paraphernalia; 2) Cash money, if any.” If the allegation that the police took “thousands of dollars worth of Hurricane Yolanda relief aid” is true does it mean that they will also be used as evidence and later be presented in inquest proceedings?

We are still trying to reach PNP CIDG for a comment. Talk.PH will update this story as it progresses.

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