What happens when you have two drivers, who won’t give way for each other, driving in one lane of a freeway? Well, what you’ve got is multiple sideswiping and a heated argument in front of traffic enforcers.

In a Facebook post on Monday, October 3, Kyle Bruce Francisco uploaded a video of two drivers who ended up sideswiping each other in a freeway when they refused to budge and give way.

He captioned the video saying:

“Decided to take a video of these two cause they just wouldn’t give way to one another. Ended up sideswiping each other multiple times and held back the line even longer. #PinoyPride,”

As seen in the viral 3-minute video, the two drivers were sideswiping each other as they approached the toll gate. Because none of them gave way for the other and they could not both fit through the gate, they had to stop at the toll gate and find a solution to the problem as more cars pile on behind them.

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Hopefully through this unfortunate and but highly avoidable incident, both drivers would learn to give courtesy to their fellow drivers and prevent history from repeating itself.

Watch the incident below and tell us what you think.