Nelson Mandela the Father of Modern South Africa and anti-apartheid champion has died today. The world express their condolences and sympathies, a few netizens however confuse Nelson Mandela from Morgan Freeman, a veteran and multi-awarded Hollywood actor who played in movies like Batman Trilogy, The Bucket List, Evan Almighty and many others.

The actor who often plays as the “voice of God” on many films such as Even Almighty expressed his condolences via his Facebook page.

Some netizens on Twitter (from all over the world) however find it hard to distinguish Mandela from Freeman:

Nelson Mandela Morgan Freeman Talented Actor

Nelson Mandela Morgan Freeman Voice Actor

And this one even downplayed Freeman’s (or Mandela’s) capability as an actor.

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Netizens confuse Nelson Mandela Morgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman played as Lucius Fox in the Batman Trilogy. Fox is Bruce Wayne’s business manager who supposedly unknowingly runs the business interests that supply Batman’s equipment needs as well as financing his operations

Nelson Mandela Morgan Freeman in Batman

And generally, they loved Freeman’s (or Mandela’s) acting.

Nelson Mandela Morgan Freeman Great Actor

With couple hundreds of retweets and favorites, some are quick to get viral. “Rest in peace great actor and friend, Nelson Mandela” translates to “Rest in peace great actor and friend, Nelson Mandela.”

Nelson Mandela Morgan Freeman RIP Viral

Some even expressed how tragic the last two weeks have become, referring to Fast and Furious franchise actor Paul Walker who died in a tragic car crash.

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Nelson Mandela Morgan Freeman Paul Walker

Nelson Mandela Morgan Freeman Says daughter