Give it to this Filipino fan for writing a plot theory so good and convincing, it got Marvel fans all over the world resharing and talking about it.

Meet Gerald War Galo, a 24 year old guy from Manila, a call center agent, self-described “normal geek, bookworm” who does writing stories online as a hobby.

NewsGraph reached out to him to know more about his thoughts and the plot theory that he posted earlier this week.

His plot theory (which could turn out to be a bunch of  spoilers) that predicts, convincingly what will happen in Avengers: Endgame, the follow up to the Avengers: Infinity War movie which broke a lot of box office records went viral, but not without controversy.

Gerard Ward Galo

Just good and viral was the post? How does more than 30k shares, 20k likes and 15k comments in only one post sound? That of course excludes all the reposts and its appearance outside of Facebook. If you haven’t read it, check way below this post.

Like many of us, Gerald is a Marvel fan. And he has been one as far as he can recall. “I think because of Wesley Snipes of Blade.. At that time i never thought it is a Marvel hero xD. But as soon as superhero movies keep popping up I had watch all of them,” he told NewsGraph.

So how did he come up with this plot theory? Admittedly that’s the question he’s most frequently asked about. And as it turns out, the theory didn’t come out of thin air or rather from a snap of his fingers (pun intended).

“I stumble(d) upon a Reddit post of a so-called leak plot of that movie. The reddit post goes to say that the Avengers 4 plot leak came from Anonymous, the guy in 4chan site who also happened to leaked the plot of Avengers: Infinity War with 80% accuracy. From there, i got excited and read the plot leak– 10-15 sentence in all– over and over again. I watched comics related channels in Youtube to know more about the movie and what it could potentially bring to the big screen. so it hit me, my hands are itching to somehow find a solid definitive plot that ties all of these pieces of info I have for the movie,” he said.

Marvel already confirmed the title of the upcoming Avengers movie with little details to the plot.

This, along with his own enthusiasm and a little creativity, fueled the detailed plot theory that went viral.

Despite having been inspired by already existing theories, Galo contends that majority of the post was original. “I would say 70% of that post (plot theory) originated from me which is an expansion to the 30% of the so called plot leak that came from reddit/4chan that I happen to believe may have credibility somehow,” he said.

“My creative imagination helped me fill the gaps with the aid of the Infinity Gauntlet storyline scenes taking place on how they defeated Thanos. I checked that there’s a time where the cosmic entity called Eternity fought to stop Thanos and end up defeating Eternity to become the Eternity itself separating his astral body to his physical body giving Nebula the chance to grab the Infinity gauntlet for herself. Also there’s a part of that story where Adam Warlock went inside the Soul World(Soul Stone) causing the disharmony of the Infinity stones in the infinity gauntlet causing Thanos to take off the gauntlet. So these are heavily based on comics it’s just that I gave those roles to characters that exists in MCU,” he added.

It’s no surprise that the post went viral. It was even reposted on several FB Pages and Groups, including the most popular ones, some without his permission. Something he’s not much of a fan.

“ I can’t really say it’s stealing but I own those content I must at least be credited for it.. But for sure, anyone will be upset if someone gets your stuff and use it for their own gain,” he said.

And if you want to write a plot theory on your own, Galo has an advice for you.

“I wrote in my plot theory is basically what a Marvel fan wants.. Instead of predicting what it would be in Avengers 4,” he told NewsGraph.   

Plot Theory “Avengers: Endgame”
*please be warned, spoilers ahead for those who happen not to have seen Avengers: Infinity War movie.

*the following post contains possible spoiler as well, on what would take place in the upcoming untitled Avengers 4.

*this plot theory was loosely-based to the plot theory that the 4Chan user Anonymous leaked, and set photos of Avengers 4*


-The movie starts where the Avengers: Infinity War left off

-Everyone are reeling in shock about the loveones they lost

-Tony manages to operate Benatar(GOTG spaceship) along with Nebula off from Titan heading to Earth

-a mass Wakandan funeral pyre scene

-Wakandan officials elects M’Baku as a temporary viceroy of T’Challa to lead the country on the BlackPanther’s absence

-World govts are trying to understand what tf just happened and summons the Avengers, only handful who have signed the Sokovia Accords were present to make a statement.

-Defense Sec. former Gen. Thunderbolt Ross blames the Avengers, Tony defends Avengers role in the aftermath of the Thanos Snap in national tv

-Tony learns Pepper is gone from Happy

-Tony breaks the bad news to Aunt May

-Tony finally reunites with Captain America for the first time, both were devastated and emotionally embraced.

-Nebula consoles the grieving Rocket Raccoon

-Thor plans to rebuild New Asgard in Norway, opens a Bifrost for the Asgardian refugees who have escaped Thanos’ attack, this includes Valkyrie, Korg and Meik.

-Tony jumpstarts Avengers Initiative of SHIELD, re-establishing the new SHIELD under his leadership secretly funding peacekeeping missions of Cap’s Secret Avengers. Cap gets his shield back.

-Col. Rhodes still a liaison to the Sokovia Accords.

– Secret Avengers led by Cap, along with Natasha goes on covert missions to keep the world safe.

-Cap orders Natasha(BlackWidow) in search of Clint(Hawkeye) who is MIA since the Thanos Snap incident

-Clint suffers nightmares every night replaying the incident of his family vanishing before his eyes during the Snap.

– to recover from that traumatic experience, Clint goes to Japan coping under the guidance of the elders and gets the identity Ronin, a dark version of Hawkeye.

-Tony establishes massive BARF(Binarily Augmented Retro Framing) tech centers across the globe to help families around the world overcome traumatic experiences from the aftermath of Thanos-Snap.

-Tony is obsessed on defeating Thanos and tries to learn the Infinity Stones using his memory, scanned thru his advanced version of BARF tech and he has help with his new young protege’ Harley(the kid from IronMan 3).

-Tony learns more of Thanos via Nebula’s memories using BARF tech. He also tries to figure out what did Dr.Strange mean in Titan.
-Tony realizes that the only way to undo the Thanos Snap is to possess the power of the Infinity stones.

-Hank Pym and Janet Van Dyne still grieving to the absence of Hope Van Dyne(The Wasp), and Scott grieves for Cassie as well who both were victims of Thanos Snap.

-Hank Pym and Scott Lang(AntMan) goes to see Tony, and proposes the idea of getting the Infinity Stones from specific points of time in a parallel universe before Thanos had assembled the stones in the gauntlet via Quantum Realm access.

-Tony plans to create his own Infinity Gauntlet in order to harness the power of the stones.
-Thor rebuilt Asgard in Norway, making it a home to the Asgardian refugees and the grieving Rocket Raccoon who have alcohol problems.

-Rocket begs Thor to hunt Thanos down across the cosmos but Thor doesnt know to respond– discouraged that he wasnt able to defeat Thanos, blaming himself for the Thanos Snap made him to refuse the plan.

-causing Rocket to break down, left New Asgard and travels to NY to convince Nebula join his crusade.

-in Wakanda, Cap arrives and knows that Shuri and Bruce were rebuilding Vision, here we learned that Shuri downloaded Vision’s memories before he died in the hands of Thanos
-Thanos is now at peace on his Shrine he created in honour of her beloved step daughter Gamora, although years have passed he still mourned for her.

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-Thanos constantly visits Vormir to commemorate Gamora’s death.

-Thanos still possessed with the heavily damaged Infinity Gauntlet.The gauntlet is beyond repair and incapable of controlling the gems together but he can still use the stones one at a time.

-Hank Pym determined to get her daughter back as well as saving others who were victims of the Thanos Snap… proposes that if they harnessed the power of the Quantum Realm there’s a possibility, that they will be able to open a portal to a parallel reality where Thanos hasnt yet gathered the stones.. In that way, they get the upperhand of getting the Infinity stones before Thanos does.

-as explained by Hank, Quantum Realm is a place where the concepts of time and space are irrelevant, hence molecular displacement in particular time periods to a parallel universe are possible..

-in Japan, BlackWidow tracks down Hawkeye who now identifies himself as Ronin.Natasha told him that Avengers needs him. Clint refuses to join, saying that all is lost referring to his family that vanished in the Snap, blaming the Avengers.

-BW later convinces Clint to join the team, when he told him that Tony plans to set everything right. The promise of getting his family back.

-Clint/Ronin, Black Widow, Cap, Rhodes/WarMachine, Bruce, Vision, Shuri and Thor meets Tony, Nebula, Rocket, Hank Pym and Scott in the Avengers HQ in the Upstate NY to devise the risky plan.

-Thor provides Tony and Shuri the schematics on how to create their own Infinity Gauntlet he got from Eitri in Nidavellir, calling it Stark Gauntlet.

-Hank Pym explains that in order for this Plan to work, each of the Avengers were given with Pym tech Quantum regulators they wear in their hands, so that in that way they retain their memories during their travel in the fabric of irregular space-time of Quantum Realm.

==Parallel Universe Quest using Quantum Realm==

-==Cap goes first in the Quantum Realm, and was spefically displaced back in time of World War 2, to ensure that Peggy and SSR(later SHIELD) gets a hold of Tesseract(Space Stone) from Hydra. Cap made the last dance with Peggy before going after the Hydra base of the Red Skull. Cap goes to battle Red Skull but escapes, and crashes again in the Arctic. (this ensures that Cap will be discovered by SHIELD in the Arctic and have the Tesseract)

-==Tony, Thor, BlackWidow, Ronin, Hulk, Antman, War Machine, Vision and Cap(who awakened from his icy slumber in the Arctic by SHIELD with his memory of the Main Universe) goes in the Quantum Realm to battle Loki in NY again.

-at one point, Cap weilds the Mjolnir to defeat Loki

– Loki was taken by SHIELD, Nick Fury interrogates him using The Scepter(Mind Stone), revealing Thanos being responsible for the Attack. Thor’s agrees to imprison Loki in Midgard instead of being held in Asgard.

– while the Avengers deal with Loki..Thor travels back to Asgard to retrieve The Aether(Reality Stone) from the Vaults of Asgard. Odin seems to have the understanding behind Thor’s actions and let his son have the Aether.( this averts the events of Thor: Dark World, the dark elf Malekith still in its deep sleep)

-Rocket and Nebula goes in the Quantum Realm to get the Orb(Power Stone) in Morag before Peter Quill retrieves it.(this caused for Peter Quill to be captured by Korath emptyhanded, the events in GOTG never happened but Quill managed to escape from the Kree by the help of Yondu)

-Meanwhile, the Avengers created a diversion to get the Tesseract(Space Stone) and Scepter(Mind Stone) of Loki knowing that SHIELD was infiltrated by Hydra already. They successfully got the stones. (this averts the creation of Ultron and the events of Age of Ultron to have never happened in this universe)

-Tony and Cap goes to Sanctum Sanctorum, meets Dr.Strange which already a Sorcerer Supreme by this time in this universe. Tony explains that they need the Time Stone. Dr. Strange told them that he is expecting to see both of them

-Somehow, Dr. Strange of the Parallel Universe communicates with Dr. Strange of the Main Universe peering thru the Eye of Agamotto(Time Stone) who was currently in Titan(as if the events of Avengers: Infinity War was about still to take place), checking 14,000,605 alternate timelines.(and this very moment, Dr. Strange of both realities sees that this is the ONLY way they can defeat Thanos, by making the Thanos Snap happen in order to have Dr. Strange INSIDE the Soul Stone). Dr.Strange realizes they have no way of getting that gauntlet off from Thanos hands but they have to destroy it from the inside.

-As they were speaking, the battle with Thanos in Titan takes place in the main timeline, events that happened in Infinity War.

-Dr Strange of the Parallel Universe awakens Dr. Strange of Main Universe inside the Soul Stone plane of existence. Dr. Strange of the Parallel Universe then provides Tony the Time Stone and a Sling Ring.

-Dr. Strange of the Parallel Universe also reveals to Tony that all those perished in the Thanos Snap are inside the Soul Stone in astral bodies trapped in an astral plane called Soul World.

-Here, also revealed that Dr.Strange puts a hex to the Time Stone and the Infinity Gauntlet so that by the time Thanos does the Snap, which Dr. Strange knew because Thanos himself told Dr.Strange what he will do once he gathers all the stones; if used together, the Gauntlet will break.

-==Back to the Main Universe using Quantum Realm==

– Avengers came back to Wakanda bringing Space, Mind and Time Stones respectively, Thor bringing the Reality Stone and Rocket with Nebula brought the Power Stone. 5 stones in all.

– Shuri completes the creation of the second gauntlet and struggles in placing the gathered 5 Infinity Stones except for the Soul Stone.

-Tony deduces that there’s no way they’ll sacrifice one of themselves in Vormir in return of getting the Soul Stone in the alternate reality although Captain America is willing to put forward his self as sacrifice. This caused a heated argument among the Avengers.

-Nebula instead put forward a plan to lure Thanos to Vormir for the Avengers to get the Soul Stone. Which they are doubtful if will work. Nebula who has a change of heart, tries to redeem herself with this act of sacrifice.

-Meanwhile, Thanos learns that the Infinity Gauntlet in no time cant hold the Infinity Stones any longer due to the inflicted damage caused by the Snap and the stones arent working together properly to what he wishes..the stones powers were dampened Except for the Soul Stone. Thanos sensed that the Avengers must have been the reason behind it. Thanos orders for an attack, sending his fleet to Earth.

-Thor and Rocket proposes IF they will attack Thanos in his Shrine, the Earth would be render defenseless from Thanos armada. so Thor put forward a plan to gather a massive army, an alliance of sort, enough to repel Thanos forces that is coming to Earth. All agreed.

-Thor and Rocket travels the distant galaxies to summon an army using the Bifrost ability of the Stormbreaker, meets all Ravagers under Stakar’s(StarHawk) leadership. The Ravagers joins them against Thanos.

-Captain Marvel receiving the Code Red distress signal coming from Nick Fury, alerts her.

-Carol Danvers were patrolling the Negative Zone, which she was tasked of guarding so that Skrulls-Kree war criminals will not be able to escape the dimension, which she use as their prison. Because of time dilation effects, Carol hasnt aged that much since the time she stayed in the Negative Zone.

-with the use of nega-bands, the device allows her to travel from Negative Zone to the main universe. Her having cosmic awareness 7th Sense ability, learns of Thanos and what he had done to the universe. Thor and Rocket met her along the way, joining allegiance to defeat Thanos.

-Avengers on Wakanda plans to enter the Soul World in order to contact Dr.Strange that is inside of it. AntMan proposes an idea to join Nebula on its way to the Shrine, to attempt on using his shrinking regulator to pass thru sub-atomic to enter the Soul Stone.

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-as Thanos were about to go to Earth, he was put in a halt because of Nebula’s arrival in the Shrine. Nebula tries to deceive Thanos telling him that she is giving her loyalty back and tries to convince him that there’s a way to revive Gamora without undoing the Thanos Snap.(it was revealed that Thanos were trying to revive Gamora in the past but unsuccessful because the Soul Stone requires a sacrifice upon ressurecting someone — “a soul for a soul”).

-Nebula offers herself to Thanos as a willing sacrifice to Vormir in order to revive Gamora.Thanos dont believe her.

-Thanos uses the Mind Stone to read Nebula’s mind, revealing the Avengers plan, and learns that its a trap. AntMan right away, uses his regulator to shrink sub-atomic to enter the Soul Stone. Thanos notices it.

-enraged Thanos, follows AntMan to the Soul World. Nebula’s plan work, as Thanos astral body enters the Soul World he leaves behind his physical body vulnerable. Avengers(Ironman, Cap, Black Widow, and Vision) then sprint to action, hiding from the distance to get the Infinity Gauntlet off from the weakened, immobilized Thanos.

-meanwhile, Dr.Strange of the main universe awakens from dormant state inside the Soul World. He was contacted by his self from an alternate universe assisting Tony and Cap ensure they will win against Thanos. Dr.Strange then used his magic to locate other heroes like Spiderman, Mantis, etc in the Soul World. Mantis awakes all of these heroes.

-inside the Soul World, an astral plane inside the Soul Stone where trillions of trillions of souls trapped in hibernation. AntMan and Dr.Strange along with the rest of the vanished heroes meet. Antman gave Dr.Strange a Sling Ring provided by Tony. Thanos finds them and battles ensues. While this was taking place, the rest of the Avengers were battling the weakened physical Thanos in order to get the gauntlet.

-back on Earth, Thanos forces were about to enter the atmosphere but intercepted by the Ravagers, Thor, Rocket and Captain Marvel. in Wakanda, Bruce and Shuri were still working with the stones, placing them one at a time in the Stark gauntlet. Ronin and WarMachine watches from afar, ready to defend the Stark gauntlet at all cost from Thanos forces attacking Earth.

-Thanos inside the Soul World overpowers Dr.Strange, AntMan, The Wasp, Spiderman, BlackPanther, WinterSoldier, Scarlet Witch, Falcon, StarLord, Drax, Groot and Mantis. then Thanos realized it. He left his physical body vulnerable to attack and realized that this was all a diversion to get the gauntlet. Thanos hastily went back to his physical body.

-Avengers were unsuccessful to get the Gauntlet from Thanos. When the Mad Titan was about to use the damaged gauntlet, Dr.Strange unleashed the hex he casted in the Time Stone in their previous battle back in Titan. The hex caused disharmony among the stones. the Power Stone can no longer be hold into place, it exploded!!! Disrupting the Time stone, Reality Stone and Mind Stone while it caused the Soul Stone to broke off from the gauntlet.

-Thanos engages combat with the Avengers over the Soul Stone. Dr.Strange uses the Sling Ring to transport them out of the Soul Stone. They have now the fighting chance since Thanos cant use the other stones aside the Space Stone.

-with all of them together now, Cap finally said it “Avengers Assemble” and they fought Thanos with him using the power of the stones. Thanos still knock-out almost all of them. Cap is the last man standing facing the Mad Titan.

-Cap orders Dr.Strange to get them all out of here along with the Soul Stone. Cap tries to hold off Thanos so that they can escape with the Soul Stone. Dr.Strange opens a portal for all of them that lead them back to Wakanda. Cap left fighting Thanos and dies.

-in Wakanda, Bruce and Shuri places the Soul Stone in the Stark gauntlet, while the rest of the Avengers where wounded or knockout.

-Thanos teleports to Wakanda to stop them from using the Stark Gauntlet. Hawkeye and Warmachine attacks Thanos but they are no match. Thanos arrives in the lab but the Stark gauntlet is not there.

Clint stand up against Thanos for the last time with a ticking bomb arrow in his hand. Ronin dies.

-Thanos teleports himself to safety. Captain Marvel and Thor along with Dr. Strange fights
Thanos. Bruce weilds the Stark gauntlet and inside the Soul World talks to his Hulk self. Bruce convinces Hulk to merged as one, ultimately becoming Professor Hulk.

-the rest of the heroes fights off Thanos in a epic brawl. Hulk finally comes out and has the intelligence of Bruce Banner. Finally, Prof.Hulk uses the Stark Gauntlet to get back to the moment Thanos wasnt able yet to do the Snap in Wakanda.

-the scene goes back to the time, the Stormbreaker hurled towards Thanos. This time, the Stormbreaker cuts of the left arm of Thanos, rendering him helpless and cannot use the Infinity Gauntlet.

-Cap gets the Infinity Gauntlet and uses it to end the battle. Thanos was exiled to a distant planet where he wished to live in peace as a farmer.

-Tony’s wedding scene with Pepper, they have a baby named Morgan.

-Avengers petitioned to have the Sokovia Accords abolished. T’Challa declares the Sokovia
Accords no longer valid in UN Summit, it infuriates Gen. Ross in some way.

-Clint got his family back, and abandons the Ronin identity.

-Scott reunites with Cassie and Hope. They lived happily with Hank Pym and Janet van Dyne

-Bruce lives with Natasha far from their troubled pasts

-Cap retires, gives the shield in the care of Bucky and Falcon.

-Vision and Wanda live together now, and part of the Secret Avengers program of Tony.

-Peter Quill still grieving for the loss of Gamora. Nebula encourages him that they will find a way
to lead a life that Gamora wants for them. Guardians heads off to space for their next adventure.
Peter still hopeful to have Gamora back someday.

-Peter Parker reunites with Aunt May

-Captain Marvel founds Earth new to her and swears to protect this vulnerable planet. She gets back to space

-T’Challa restores Wakandan affairs to the world

-Thor leads as the king of the New Asgard in Norway, ensuring the legacy that Odin has bestowed upon him.

-Tony kept the Infinity Gauntlet in secret and destroys it.

-the Avengers disbanded, but Vision had proposed an idea to Tony for the future generations and to protect Earth.
Mid-Credit scene

-Tony reveals to have in possesion of the Infinity Stones. He summons Peter Quill, T’Challa, Captain Marvel, Thor, Vision and Dr.Strange to form the Infinity Watch. Tony task them to guard the stones with their lives for future use as last resort if another universal threat comes around. Tony gives the Soul Stone to Peter, Power Stone to T’Challa, Space Stone to Capt. Marvel, Reality Stone to Thor, Mind Stone to Vision and Time Stone to Dr.Strange.

– in the not-so-distant future, Tony funds a new Avenger Initiative program, recruits young Harley Keener(IronLad) his protege since IronMan 3 and Cassie Lang(Stature), daughter of Scott Lang as the very first members. Teasing the advent of Young Avengers and the looming threat of Kang the Conqueror.

Post credit scene

Main Universe

-Defense Secretary Ross reveals to be a Skrull, contacts someone about the Invasion to be commenced. “Avengers are gone, Time for the invasion to start”
Teasing the Secret Invasion of the Skrulls
Parallel Universe

-Loki was shown in a high-tech SHIELD prison being freed by Crossbones. Crossbones led Loki to his master, the one in hood none other than the Red Skull.

Red Skull says “my fruitless campaigns to have the power of the gods ends here. Its time, I will have the power of a god himself fight on my side. The era of Avengers has come to pass and we the Master of Evil shall rise”

Loki smiles.