“I am not a whore.” (Hindi ako p*ta)

Prisca Niña Mabatid, Mabolo Barangay Captain from Cebu City made the above statement on a press conference yesterday after a hotel employee mistook her for one last month.

Mabatid draw the ire of the public after a video of her allegedly assaulting a hotel staff appeared online. She was with her common-law partner Ramon Floresta at Waterfront Hotel and Casino, Barangay Lahug, Cebu City last June 19. Mabolo precinct report also support the claim.

/ photo c/o Nina Mabatid

She also posted the picture above with the caption “Truth prevails. I am not perfect but i cannot allow to be mistaken as an ESCORT.”

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“Nobody really asked me what happened. I’m being judged,” said Mabatid. The captain admitted that the incident made her furious.

“I hope this issue will die. But I will never apologize,” she added.

Watch the video below:

Mabatid however claimed that the video was manipulated by her political opponent. In a Facebook post she said that the video “only showed that portion of the cctv footage.”

“How about the rest?? Especially the part when the security apologized? Good thing I had the presence of mind to record the incident as well. This is just part of the video that I will show to the public. The rest I will keep it for court purposes. Take note that in this video the security apologized. It’s an admission that it was his mistake,” she wrote.

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She also uploaded the video below: