BDO ATM Crime scene 2013
Bloody BDO ATM in Quezon City / Facebook: Ed Manuel R

Could this BDO ATM “crime scene” be a sign that Christmas is near? It is if you’re going to ask Ed Manuel R, who uploaded this photo on Facebook. Manuel passed by this bloody Banco de Oro Automated Teller Machine in Scout Tobias, Timog Avenue in Quezon City yesterday, took a picture and shared it online.

Criminals see the holiday season as an opportunity to cash in according to Manuel.

Manuel narrated:

“I passed this ATM around 3 in the morning on the corner of Scout. Tobias, Timog Avenue and i was shocked to see blood splatters on the floor. Someone was obviously robbed in front of it.

My head started turning, looking for a police or any authority, trying to confirm what was already running through my head but no one was there. That’s probably why there was such an incident in the first place. The blood seems like it was just an hour old and you can see from the way it looks, the person who was transacting and I’m assuming – STABBED, didn’t get immediate attention and even had to step on his own blood, walk around 20ft to Scout Tobias St. before finally getting help. How could this happen here? It’s in front of a MAIN HIGHWAY, on a CROSSING, sandwiched by two 24 hour Establishments. Pasko nga talaga…”

Crime rate soars as Christmas season nears according to reports.

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The Philippine National Police already detailed 10 of the most common Modus Operandi of criminals in Metro Manila to help inform the public.

PNP Special Action Force chief Police Director Carmelo Valmoria already expressed the possibility of pulling out troops currently helping relief and recovery operations in Tacloban, Leyte before Christmas to help beef up security in Metro Manila.

Quezon City PD is yet to confirm that a crime has been reported.