MANILA – A video of an unidentified media man from 9NEWS (formerly Solar News) who allegedly violated traffic rules sparked controversy online.

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The incident happened at UP Diliman – Tandang Sora / Old Balara Gate, around 10am, Tuesday, September 16. The white vehicle with TSO 543 reportedly entered a no-left/no-entry road while on hazard.

9NEWS Media Traffic Jose Dorabo
This unidentified “media man from 9NEWS” was confronted by Jose Dorabo after entering a the wrong road / Facebook: Jose Dorabo

Jose Dorabo aka Dora Lulab Dorabo uploaded the video yesterday on Facebook which quickly went viral.

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He wrote:

This counter-flowing media man from 9NEWS basically had 3 main points:

1. Magcocounterflow sya kasi nagmamadali sya.
2. Kami pa yung magaadjust sa kanya kasi nagcocounterflow sya
3. Okay lang magcounterflow kasi naka-hazard sya.

P.S ang lakas ng loob nyong videohan din ako eh kayo tong labag sa batas.


Dorabo alighted his vehicle and confronted the 9NEWS driver who remained in his seat, what followed was a quick exchange of sarcastic and coarse words.

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Watch the video below:

Netizens who saw the video expressed mixed reactions.

Some noted that the media man was at fault.

Ronan Alejandro was furious with what he saw. “Sino yang p*nyeta na yan?! Ano nangyari after? Dapat nakipagmatigasan kayo, pinaatras nyo. Nakakainit ng ulo, sarap dukutin yung mata,” he wrote.

Dora Lulab Dorado (2)

A few however blasted Dorabo’s confrontational nature and lack of consideration for the media personnel.

Allan Zulueta noted that Dorabo owes the media some courtesy.

Dora Lulab Dorado (1)

In an interview with NewsGraph, Dorabo admitted that he confronted the driver “because someone had to take action.”  He also added that there was no traffic enforcer in the area during that time.

“I wouldn’t say I was aggressive because if you review the video, my opening statement was a calm ‘one way ho ito’,” he recalled.

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Dorabo also claimed that he would have reacted differently if it was a different type of “emergency.”

If it was a fire truck, or an ambulance. I would gladly scoot my vehicle aside to make way for the emergency mobile. The media man was in no sort of emergency and had no right to counterflow,” he stressed.

To Dorabo, the media man had no valid reason to disobey traffic rules, not even a “time-sensitive news story of national importance.”

“As far as I know, hindi life or death situation yon. Unless, life/death situation yon, wala talaga syang right mag-counterflow. Kahit gano pa natin pagbali-baliktarin tong story, mali yung ginawa nya,” he explained.

We asked what exactly he hopes to happen to the unidentified media man. “Yes, i hope he gets fired for breaking the law,” Dorabo answered.

9NEWS is yet to address the issue.