A Catholic priest from Saltillo, Mexico has become famous after photos of his mass service have gone viral on the Internet. The controversial photos show 40 year-old priest, Father Humberto Alvarez, using a water gun to dispense holy water to church goers.

Father Humberto Alvarez Water Gun

Comically enough, this is not the first time that a priest has veered away from tradition. Just last Christmas, a video of a Catholic priest from the Philippines who was using a hoverboard during mass has gone viral. The unnamed priest was frowned upon by the Diocese of San Pablo and was quickly suspended.

However, in Father Alvarez’s case, he is well-known in his town for his playful approach to the Eucharist which has gained him more worshippers as well as the criticism of some of his fellow Catholics who are not amused with his antics.

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Father Humberto Alvarez

Aside from using a water gun to bless his congregation with holy water, Father Alvarez also dons on a robe adorned with images of fictional characters from comic books such as Spiderman, Batman and Superman.

In an interview, Father Alvarez clarifies that he only uses his unorthodox methods during masses for children in order to engage them more to the Catholic teachings. He also explains that the fictional characters seen in his comic book robe represents the message he wishes to impart the younger generation of church goers. He says that these superheroes possess the traits that he wishes see on them.

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Nonetheless, Father Alvarez’s approach also raised quite a few eyebrows and gained him the disapproval of his fellow parishioners who subscribe to traditional methods and that of the Bishop of Saltillo.