The passengers and crew of a Philippine Airlines (PAL) flight helped a weeping overseas Filipino worker (OFW) upon learning that she was sent home unpaid by her employer.

In a video uploaded on Facebook by Lourima Jayjay on Saturday, October 8, two PAL flight attendants can be seen offering cash to a crying OFW who was said to hail from Cagayan Valley.

According to Jayjay, the crew asked the passengers aboard the plane to donate some money to the distressed OFW. After collecting the generous donations, the crew then thanked the passengers and gave the money to the OFW.

Although the identity of the OFW was not revealed, her story has been shared online. According to the video, the woman was allegedly sent home by her employer without proper compensation, which led to her current situation.

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Despite the help that she received, many netizens and fellow OFWs who have watched the video advised her to seek assistance and avail of the OFW benefits from the Overseas Worker Welfare Administration (OWWA).

Meanwhile, other netizens praised the crew of PAL for their act of kindness as well as the passengers aboard the flight who demonstrated genuine generosity.

Watch the video below and tell us what you think.