A video of a man punching his unfaithful girlfriend on the face while inside a public vehicle is making rounds online, sparking a heated debate on whether or not the man’s actions were right or wrong.

In a viral video uploaded on Facebook, a couple can be seen inside a public vehicle fighting over the woman’s alleged infidelity.

As shown in the video, the couple started arguing when the man accused his girlfriend of going out without someone else for the third time and cheating on him. The woman then vehemently denied the claims which angered her boyfriend more.

The man, who claimed to have fed and supported his girlfriend financially, became so furious that he punched her on the face multiple times.

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The poor woman, being unable to stop her boyfriend’s attacks, retaliated with weak slaps while telling the guy to stop hurting her.

Netizens who have watched the video argued on whether or not it was right for the guy to hit his partner even if his claims of infidelity are true.

Some netizens said that the man should have just left his girlfriend instead of resorting to violence, while others commented that the woman deserved it after she cheated on him three times.

The couple involved in the video was not identified.

Watch the viral video below and tell us what you think.

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