MANILA – A video promoting a Business Process Outsourcing company in Malaysia by allegedly attacking the Philippines has sent Facebook to uproar hours after the video was uploaded.

Aegis Malaysia Video Ad vs Philippines Comparisson
Inadequate Infrastructure, Unfriendly Climate, Less Security, Lack of Government Support are just among the many reasons cited by Aegis Malaysia / YouTube: Aegis

The almost 3-minute video produced by Aegis Malaysia and originally uploaded to YouTube listed many reasons why investing in Malaysia is generally better than in the Philippines. The video noted inadequate infrastructure, unfriendly climate, less security, lack of government support and the country’s very geographic location (being in the Pacific Ring of Fire) as among its reasons.

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AegisOnline YouTube channel immediately deleted the video entitled “Aegis: Spearheading Malaysia’s ‘Developed Economy’ Drive” after the backlash, but we were able to obtain a copy of it. In it, the company “belittled” the Philippines to “uplift” it’s own image according to viewers.

Aegis Malaysia Video Ad vs Philippines Typhoon
Typhoons in the Philippines is just one of the many reasons why investors should prefer Malaysia according to the video / YouTube: Aegis

Netizens described the ad as “offensive,” “unethical,” “racist” and “worst marketing strategy.”

Keith Ortiz San Antonio dismissed some of the video’s claims and cleared that Philippines is second to China in terms of economic growth.

Aegis Malaysia Video Ad vs Philippines (3)

“(It’s a) very offensive advertisement. If you want your company to be successful learn to look back where came from. Success of a company is not just about the climate. It is how you handle your company especially your employee. If your employee works efficient and don’t receive the right benefits and compensation, maybe your company had a problem. I want also to remind you that Philippines is second to China in terms of Economic Growth. (I’m) hoping for public apology to all People of the Philippines.”

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Elcid Lao who uploaded the video appealed to Aegis Malasyia not to destroy the image of the Philippines.

This is the most Unethical Ad ever made. We Filipinos are aware of it. But please do not directly destroy our image. Just simply broadcast the pros in your newly selected site. No need to name drop. The calamities that are happening are just a fraction of a percent of the entire year. We are aware of our government to which reforms are starting to be made but we can never control nature. Such a shame on you Aegis,” he wrote.

Lady Razen Singson said that Aegis was at fault for putting down Philippines.

“If you want your company to be successful, the rule is never pin down to put up one. Not being biased but I’m sorry but you made worst marketing strategy. And that positioned you more into the wrong spot,” Singson lamented.

Aegis Malaysia Video Ad vs Philippines (2)

Gil Anthony Abaño said: I find this really ironic, I worked with PS before the Indians took over this American company. We will never be the top destination of BPO industry if it wasn’t for our neutral English accent. This ad is a total crap, the climate issue is just a lame excuse but I am not affected in any way though. Which brings me to the conclusion that the Malaysian govt is in desperate need of investors given their tourism council is down the drain following air mishaps and PS on the other hand is not performing well, not even competitive enough. Apparently they need each other to boost their tarnished reputation. Oh well, Filipinos are smarter than these dull- witted ads.

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Aegis Malaysia Video Ad vs Philippines (5)

Jay Nuñez said: PH is still the most preferred destination not only for outsourcing services but also for captives. We have the highly capable talent pool across voice, back-office and IT sectors that can support various industries especially telco, healthcare, finance and IT.

Aegis Malaysia Video Ad vs Philippines (4)

David Furgueson said: I can just laugh with this crappy propaganda. It shows how they drool to the numerous projects being outsourced to us. We have one of the best human resources that’s why everywhere you go in the world, there is a Filipino worker. Don’t you realize that people leave the Philippines to become OFW’s is because our people are highly qualified.? Not because they are desperate job seekers. So do not get affected.

Aegis Malaysia Video Ad vs Philippines (1)

Watch the whole video below:

We have contacted Aegis Malasyia and Aegis Philippines for their reaction.

UPDATE: The Philippine Embassy has asked Aegis Malaysia to explain the video.