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Malcolm Conlan admittedly is a Filipino at heart is defending the Philippines not for the first time. / Facebook: Malcolm Conlan

A British national married to a Filipina took a stand against Aegis Malaysia’s controversial video that “belittles” the Philippines while promoting its country to attract investors.

Malcolm Conlan defended the Philippines via an open letter directed to Aegis Malaysia Management. Conlan who described himself as a “concerned British Citizen who loves the Philippines and Filipino people” once wrote an open letter to Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Long to protest a racist article against Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) in Singapore. The article posted on Singaporean blog site ‘Blood Stained Singapore’ reportedly drew ire from netizens including Singporean locals.

Conlan posted the statement below on his personal Facebook account:

To the management of Aegis

My attention has just been drawn to an advert by your company which seems to show why you believe the Philippines in not a good place to invest. I have a number of issues with your advert.

Firstly, you highlight the number of typhoons which have hit the country. These natural calamaties have tragically led to a vast number of deaths. How dare you use these terrible circumstances in some kind of powerpoint presentation as to why you would want to leave the country.

If you have made the decision to leave the Philippines, by all means leave, how dare you however highlight what you perceive as reasons why others should not invest? You mentioned security. Well, in my 33 visits to the country, not once have I ever been troubled. In fact, in my opinion the Filipino people are one of the most caring, hospitable and hard working people on the planet.

I am very sure that you probably have many highly skilled Filipino’s in your workforce, so why insult their country?

Yes the Philippines does have its own issues, but doesn’t every country? Why should a foreign investor have any right to find fault with a nation and people it has chosen to invest in?

The Philippines its 7,107 islands and diverse people offer so much to the world. It is a country and people of natural beauty.

I am therefore disgusted with your current advertising campaign and am calling on people worldwide to boycott your company. I am also demanding an apology, combined with a donation to a suitable charity which would benefit those victims of the recent natural calamities you chose to use in your disgusting advert.

Malcolm Conlan

A concerned British Citizen who loves the Philippines and Filipino people

Netizens were enraged by the video uploaded last September 19 with many calling it “racist,” “unethical” and downright “wrong.”

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The video was initially uploaded to AegisOnline YouTube channel. It was immediately deleted but a netizen managed to download the YouTube video which then quickly went viral.

Aegis is yet to release a comment on the issue.