Amidst the whole University of Santo Tomas (UST) Hospital scandal that has recently spread like wild fire on social media, a doctor has decided to speak out about the issue and to defend his profession against its bashers.

In a Facebook post on Wednesday, February 24, Doctor Joshua Morales from the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery of UST posted a lengthy tirade against netizens who have criticized his hospital, fellow doctor and profession.

According to Morales, he believes that people have gravely misjudged his colleague and their profession regarding the current issue of a baby’s death. Morales said that his colleague, who was blamed for the baby’s death due to her refusal to admit a pregnant woman without enough medical payment, was only following hospital protocols.

Doctor defends profession amidst UST hospital scandal
Doctor Joshua Morales

In his post, Morales emphasized that USTH is a private hospital which is self-sustaining unlike public hospitals that are supported by the government. He wanted to highlight here the differences between the two.

Morales then raised the issue of hospital protocols saying that they exist and are implemented for a reason. The reason being that the hospital needs a source of funding to continue its operations; however, there have been multiple cases of patients promising to pay medical fees on a later date but after receiving proper medical care have turned their backs on their assurances, forcing the hospital to be stringent on executing their established protocols.

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Another point Morales raised is with regards to a doctor’s duty to ‘appraise’ patients with payments saying that it is required of them so that the patients would not be shocked by their hospital bills. He then said that not all doctors can afford to pay for their patients’ bills, which is why there are protocols to protect them.

Lastly, Morales pointed out that people should not be too quick to judge doctors and their profession because they have worked and studied hard in order to be of service to people. He refuted that doctors are only concerned about money. He said that in the private hospital sector, doctors only have an allowance of Php10,000 up to Php18,000 per month and that is from the hospital itself and not from ‘professional fees’. He added that some college graduates make more money doing other professions than them for much less work hours.

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In the post, Morales addressed the government and asked them to create a better healthcare system and to build more hospitals using the money from tax payers so that these types of situations can be avoided.

He also added that in contrast to statements given by Andrew Pelayo, father of the dead baby, as doctors, they are instructed by their protocol to explain and make the patients understand what the waiver entails, so his claims are false.

Morales then apologized for his opinions but said that he had make people see their point of view. In the end of his post, Morales sent his deepest regards and condolences to the loss of Pelayo’s family and addressed the bashers saying that all he asks for is respect for profession.

Here is the full Facebook post from Morales:

Doctor defends profession amidst UST hospital scandal - 1