MANILA – A fish is caught by its mouth, or in this case her own Facebook post. Men’s magazine model Alyzza Agustin uploaded a picture of Philippine National Police Director for Plans Chief Superintendent Alexander Ignacio’s calling card and shared that she used it to get away with a number coding violation earlier today.

Damsel in Distress
“Hindi mo na nga dapat ginawa, ipinagmamalaki mo pa,” Kukoc Pangilinan Adajar a netizen commented on Facebook / Facebook: Alyzza Agustin

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She wrote:

Nahuli na naman ako dahil coding but because of you Boss Alex (Ignacio) wala (na)ng huli huli. Thank you so much sa napaka useful mong card with matching dedication pa #happykid

Alyzza Agustin FHM Sexiest Women
Alyzza Agustin is among FHM’s 100 Sexiest Women in the World last year / Facebook: Alyzza Agustin

The card reads “Please assist my EA, Alyzza Agustin. Signed Alexander Ignacio.”

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Agustin immediately took down the post, but not before a netizen grabbed a screenshot of the photo and re-shared it. The image went viral with people criticizing the Men’s magazine and print model’s abuse of her connection and her blatant fondness of getting away from traffic violations.

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Alyzza Agustin Two Piece
Alyzza Agustin is a favorite of local photoshoots / Facebook: Alyzza Agustin

A few netizens moreover played on the meaning of EA (which more commonly is the abbreviation of Executive Assistant) which according to them could have meant “Extrang Asawa,” a moniker suggesting that the model and PNP Director have extra-marital affairs.

Alyzza Agustin Car Show
Alyzza Agustin has graced a number of car shows and exhibits / Facebook: Alyzza Agustin

We have reached Agustin for a comment. We’ll also try to reach Ignacio’s office.

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