Multi-Level Marketing or MLM is stronger than ever, especially in the Philippines. Members of both local and international networking companies frequent Facebook and Twitter to invite people to join an income opportunity or home business all with the promise of brighter future, easier riches and total financial freedom.

Chances are, you’ve seen a Facebook Sponsored post, or comment on a totally not related post or article (which counts as spam) or even received an unsolicited message telling you of this “amazing income opportunity,”

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Clearly, not everyone welcomes the idea. In fact a lot of people tag these MLM companies and recruiters as spammers and scammers. The subject of course is highly debatable, while it is not the purpose of this article to check the veracity of each networking company nor criticize their recruitment methods, we’ll still give you some Pinoy MLM memes that you can share with your friends (if you’ve been invited to one of their meetings or seminars, you know there’s a pun in there somewhere) or send as a reply when you receive one of these unsolicited invites.

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1. In case you want to clear things up and lay everything on the table

mlm meme give money

2. Be clear if it’s a job interview or something else

mlm meme interview

3. There’s something interesting about people saying they’re going to be a millionaire

mlm meme millionaire

4. This might help send the message across more effectively

mlm meme invite me

5. There are different kinds of home businesses, we’re not sure if MLM falls into this category

mlm meme home business

6. They love to post checks and cars to attract interestS, STILL Mayor Lim wants to know something

mlm meme mayor lim

7. POWWWERRRRR!!! (Yep, that’s Chancellor Palpatine from the Star Wars universe)

mlm meme power

8. There are differences of course but that’s for another post

mlm meme pyramid scheme

9. Semantics, they are important

mlm meme business

10. Be careful, it may be a trap

mlm meme coffee networking

11. You’re earning millions? BIR Secretary Kim Henares is watching you

mlm meme henares bir

12. There’s a fresh reason to doubt those flirty chats and sweet text messages

mlm meme flirt networking

13. Legit photoshop job is legit

mlm meme legit car